About us

Our Mision

RAMAFRUTS S.A.S., is a company in Bucaramanga Santander Colombia, that operates a fruit factory (maquila) and commercialization of fresh vegetables, for the national and international market, always complying with current legal regulations, and the highest quality standards. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and their well-being. We have highly qualified and trained professional staff, always in search of continuous improvement of the company for the benefit of our clients and shareholders, thus contributing to the progress and development of the region and the country.

Our Vision

By 2030 we will be leaders in Colombia in the export of Tahiti lemon, and in the maquiladora and commercialization of various agricultural products of the region. Our efforts are aimed to be at the forefront in our field, based on quality, safety, environmental awareness, social responsibility and profitability. From a business relationship, honest, loyal, assertive and proactive. All this together will allow us to continue offering security to our clients and shareholders in the development of our commercial activity.

Our Values

ETHICAL BEHAVIOR: Our main guideline is to always act with total professionalism, honesty, loyalty, respect, and a high sense of moral integrity.

QUALITY: We are committed to quality and safety in our processes, for which we are attentive to full compliance with the use of technological, physical, microbiological, and sensory guidelines to ensure that our products and the products delivered by our customers are healthy food nutritional and with an optimal quality, also pleasing to the senses and with total benefit for the final consumer.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are fully committed, that our efforts regarding the entire issue of customer service, both internal and external, represent total satisfaction, this service culture extends to our shareholders and suppliers and remains visible, contributing quick and timely solutions to the best of our ability.

TEAMWORK: we encourage the active participation of all the company’s collaborators, always with a common goal, the development, progress and well-being of all, knowledge, experience and information are always shared for the well-being of the company and it’s linked.

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